Austrian Daily Lambasted by PM Rama as Fake News Source on His Links Regarding a Redraw of Kosovo-Serbia Border

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama has reacted after the news that he had supported a new map of borders between Serbia and Kosovo criticizing the media 'DerStandardat' and 'WebStandardat', which published the news.
Through a post on "Twitter" on Monday, Rama described the news in question as false and noted that he had never said anything about the demarcation of the borders between Serbia and Kosovo, or to support such a thing.
“@DerStandardat @webstandardat
What a disappointment to see such a highly reputable newspaper behave like a spreader of fake news!
I have never said anything about "non- paper and map" and I have never supported any change of ethnic borders between Serbia & Kosovo! # Shameful," Rama wrote.
It should be recalled that the Austrian newspaper wrote in an article dated April 27, 2021 that “Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told the media in Albania that he had seen the non-paper and the map with the proposed border changes. Rama himself, along with Vucic and lobbyists, approved the drawing of borders along the ethnic lines between Kosovo and Serbia three years ago."
The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, claims that the "non paper" documents published in recent days by the media in the Balkans, may have originated in Belgrade and Moscow.
"I do not believe that the authors of these are Western capitals, certainly not the US nor European ones. I believe this comes from Belgrade and the northeast. It is in the interest of the Russian Federation to use the Western Balkans to attack the European Union and NATO," Kurti said in an interview with a group of journalists during his visit to Brussels last week.
Since mid-April until now, two so-called "non-papers" have been published in the media, as alleged documents, in which there is talk of different approaches to resolving the Kosovo-Serbia dispute. The first "non-paper", published on April 15, is alleged to belong to the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansha, sent to the Council of Europe. It contains the supposed proposal to redraw the borders in the Western Balkans, as a way to resolve the chronic problem between the six countries in the region.
These claims have been refuted by Jansha, but also by European Union officials.