Ban on Albanians Vaccinated with Russian and Chinese Vaccines to Travel to EU Countries

Deputy Minister of Health Eugena Tomini has given explanations about the condition of travel to European countries, where only those Albanians who are vaccinated with an vaccine approved by the European authority EMA are allowed.
Tomini said on Thursday that if EMA does not approve the Russian and Chinese vaccines, there will be intergovernmental agreements to favor the movement of Albanian citizens.
"Both vaccines are being evaluated by EMA, and it requires a detailed process and it takes time," said Tomini who warned that nothing can be approved without EU consent.
However she said that those who have been vaccinated with Pfizer and AstraZeneca will have priority for free travel to EU countries.
Nevertheless the deputy minister said no one would want to interrupt travel and no such restriction can be imposed.
"But if the EU agrees to apply this condition, there will be intergovernmental agreements to favor the process of passenger movement," she said.
In the meantime Albania itself doesn't reciprocate leaving open its borders to anyone which, of course, is guided by government's intention to attract tourists as the tourist season is approaching.

"There are no restrictions for anyone to enter Albania and there will be no conditions for entry into Albanian territory," said Tomini. /