CCI France-Albania Unveils Performance for 2021, Elects Steering Council Headed by Julien Roche

The activity of the France-Albania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for 2020 has been satisfactory, but the impact of the health crisis which has affected the entire Chamber can not be ignored, said CCI France-Albania President Julien Roche.
Mr. Roche made that comment in his remarks in the proceedings of the 9th General Assembly of CCI France - Albania, which has recently been held.
President Roche confirmed that the Chamber members have found themselves caught in a paradoxical situation, according to ADN portal on Monday.
The Chamber is in the same situation as most companies in the world given the health crisis the world is experiencing, Roche said.
"The more formal aspect of this General Assembly should not be overlooked, as it will enable us to summarize our activities for 2020 and discuss reflections and work paths for 2021 in the difficult context we are experiencing," he said during the event on April 29, 2021.
The Honorary President of the Chamber, Mrs. Elisabeth Barsacq, Ambassador of France to Albania, held a greeting speech on the occasion while Blerina Kazhani, Executive Director, made an overview of the activities of the Chamber for the period 2019-2020.
In the meantime Teit Gjini unveiled the financial report for 2020 which was followed by the presentation of the candidates for the positions of the Steering Council, whose election was done online by secret ballot in the presence of the notary, Lorena Shkjezi Carnation.
The General Assembly elected the New Steering Council for a two-year term, 2021-2023: Julien Roche was re-elected President of CCI France-Albania while Zgjim Mita (Renault AutoMita Kosovo & Albania), Jean Alain Jouan, (Aleat Groupe IDEMIA), Patrick Pascal, (Selenice Bitumi), were picked up as Vice Presidents.

Diana Ylli (Mazars Albania) was elected Head of the Treasury, while Florian Hasko, Tashko Pustina, Eni Kalo, Gjergji Themeli, and Odhise Zoto were elected Members of the Steering Council.