"Do Not Kill My Childhood!", Albania Protests

Albanians have been was shocked on the morning of May 18 when it was published the news on the rape of a 15-year-old girl. Five culprits whose names and images became known and started circulating on every social network, were arrested, while they did not escape the judgment of citizens and public figures. For several days in a row, celebrities and not only, massively distributed photos of the five criminals.
The EU delegation also took a stand on the event.
"The EU delegation strongly condemns the recent cases of sexual abuse of girls in Albania. There is no justification for rape or any form of sexual abuse. NO means NO! Protect girls in Albania! Justice, police, social services- All institutions must act against this horrific violence. Rape is a crime and indifference kills," the EU delegation said in a statement released on Saturday.
Protests condemning the girls abusers took place on Saturday in Mirdita, and in the city of Peshkopia while the big march is expected to take place in the capital on Sunday.

"Do not kill my childhood" is written on the banner that many public figures have posted on their profiles. On Sunday at "Sk├źnderbej" square at 12.30 in the march of a cause that affects everyone, because childhood is sacred, neither sold nor killed./argumentum.al