DP Branches of Tirana Express Unconditional Support to Their Chief Lulzim Basha

The branches of the Democratic Party (DP) of Tirana have pledged their support to the party head, Lulzim Basha for what the latter would decide to do "to bring to an end the battle that will make it possible for Albania to win!"
This message was released on Saturday without mentioning any names of those responsible in the Tirana DP branches.
All branches of the capital have taken the decision to unite in the battle already started by Basha and the DP leadership to dismantle the government that emerged from the stolen vote, Rama-Doshi, it is said.
“They (branches) strongly support Chairman Lulzim Basha in all the steps he will take to bring to an end the battle that will make it possible for Albania to win! That the vote and verdict of each be recognized and evaluated."
In addition the DP branches said that they have decided "to support President Basha in every battle, at any cost, in order to oust the ruling mafia led by Edi Rama and his gang!"
Wishing the ruling Socialist Party (SP) for its success in the April 25 general elections the head of the Albanian Agrarian Party (AAP), an ally in the united coalition led by the Democratic Party (DP), Agron Duka has said the political opponent should not be blamed for taking advantage of the mistakes of the opposition but on the contrary, the latter should be corrected so as not to repeat them in the future.

However DP head Basha has not yet given answer to two pending sensitive questions: the invitation by PM Edi Rama to an unlimited cooperation between them without the rest of the united opposition and Sali Berisha and the call of some senior officials of DP to resign because of his responsibilities for leading the largest opposition force to five consecutive losses with the last one on April 25, since 2013./argumentum.al