DP Can Change the Opponent by Transforming Itself First, Says Basha's Challenger for Party Head Kadilli

"It's time to be true to ourselves as Democrats offering a new approach, a new political project for the Democratic Party (DP), a new opposition for all."
With these words, the member of the Chairmanship of the Democratic Party, Fatbardh Kadilli addressed the Democrats in a video message on social networks on Wednesday, while he did not spare the criticism for the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha.
As he has recently been self-nominated to be the DP chairman after he demanded the resignation of Basha, Kadilli claimed that the worst happened, as according to him, a diabolical opponent was confirmed at the head of the government.
Kadilli said all the hesitations and concerns raised to the chairman, Basha,fell on deaf ears.

"The opponent is who he is: one and unchangeable. But, this is not the time to hide behind his diabolisms, tricks and arrogance. He is so and so he will be again. Both in the next confrontation and in the next elections. We change the opponent by changing ourselves first," said Kadilli one of many democrats pushing for Basha's resignation something which the DP head has apparently ignored. /argumentum.al