DP Head Breaks Silence Saying He Won't Resign

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) Chairman, Lulzim Basha has responded for the first time to those who asked him to resign. In a brief statement to Report TV after meeting with EU ambassadors, Basha said on Monday that he would not resign and would continue the battle until he won.
"The battle will continue until victory," Basha said without giving any details on the forms of the fight he intends to wage.
Some senior officials of the DP including former president Bujar Nishani and 10 members of the DP National Assembly headed by Nishani have asked the resignation of DP head Basha because, as they claimed, of his responsibilities for leading the largest opposition force to five consecutive losses with the last one on April 25, since 2013. DP won 59 seats to 74 mandates won by ruling Socialist Party.
However it should be noted that PM Edi Rama continues his insistence on the invitation to Basha for an unlimited cooperation between them without the rest of the united opposition. /argumentum.al