DP Head Says If April 25 Poll Isn't Stolen, He Will Resign as Party Elections Are Set for June 13

The National Council of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) decided on Sunday that the elections for the chairman of the party will take place on June 13 this year.
In this way, the electoral process in the Democratic Party has been approached for more than 1 month.
With 238 votes in favor and none against, the establishment of the election commission was approved.
The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, issued a challenge to the members of the National Council telling the members that if they thought the April 25 election was fair, he would resign immediately.
"Either the elections are stolen and we continue the battle, or if they are okay for you, then I resign now," Basha told the DP National Council.
According to him, his only own responsibility is that he did not allow DP to cooperate with gangs.
The candidate for chairman of the Democratic Party, Fatbardh Kadilli has stated after the National Council that Basha did not hear critical voices within the party.
Kadilli said that no matter how unequal the race within the DP to elect the chairman is, he will stick to his project until the end.

"Despite the decision, critical voices clearly articulated the demand for the chairman's resignation. Critical voices were not heard, but the decision of the chairmanship and the council is to announce the race," he said revealing that he was determined to carry to the end the project for a clean, united, open and winning DP taking part in the race for chairman's party. /argumentum.al