DP Needs Reformation While Its Current Head Basha Should Resign

"The Democratic Party (DP) did not inspire in this election and the traditional voter of this force did not return to the ballot box. We are aware that the responsibility for the elections falls  on the Party leaders. They must take responsibility for the loss, as they have the example of Mr. (Sali) Berisha. The irrevocable resignation of Lulzim Basha from the party is not the end of the DP but the beginning of its resurrection," has said a statement issued by the "Group for DP".
The new political formation within the opposition Democratic Party), which was formed right after the loss of the Democrats in the April 25 elections won by the Socialist Party (SP), demands the resignation of party chairman Lulzim Basha.
 In a press conference, the ‘Group for DP’ said that it is not only about the race for the chairman, but a reform in the party is needed.
"Albania faced the general elections of April 25 after a corrupt government of 8 years, which has led the country into poverty. We are aware that vote buying, the use of the administration, the use of personal data, were just some of the elements that determined the election result, but we are also aware that the DP failed to provide greater support," it is said in the statement released on Thursday.
According to it, DP had the same result as 4 years ago and it was not vying for second place. "Turnout of 46% in the election is a significant indication that the DP did not inspire, nor did it provide support for victory."
The initiators of the Group are aware that the responsibility for the elections falls on the Party leaders calling for Basha’s resignation, a demand made by other DP political figures.
In addition, it said that non-participation in the Territorial Reform, in the local elections, the boycott of the parliament, all of these were mistakes of the DP. In the meantime, the agreement of 5 May, despite its consequences, irreversibly damaged the DP and the allies and the chairman did not express any responsibility for the loss of 2017.
"The chairman had not learned anything from the loss of 2017. Currently Albania is in the hands of those who decide a lot," the "Group for DP" said.

The 4-point packet of proposals was presented by Edit Harxhi, who said that the reform is needed in order to return the dignity to the DP. Part of the group are former president Bujar Nishani, Arben Imami, Edith Harxhi, Arben Ristani, Edvin Kulluri, Ibsen Elezi, Endira Bushati, Bislim Ahmetaj and Indrit Hoxha. /argumentum.al