DP to Demand Election Reruns in 9 Zones, Analyst Predicts DP with Basha in Opposition beyond 2050

The Democratic Party (DP) will demand the rerun of the parliamentary elections in 9 constituencies of Albania. The reason is because the Democrats headquarters claim that the result of the election held on April 25, which were won by ruling Socialist Party obtaining 74 seats in the new Parliament,  had been manipulated.
The elected deputy of the Democratic Party in the Korça region, Ervin Salianji, said in the talk show of Klan TV on Friday evening that the DP is preparing a file through which it would request a repeat of the elections.
According to him, the regions of Korça, Durrës, Gjirokastra, Berat and some other areas are in the list of zones that need the repeat of the elections for a series of violations which were identified during election day and the counting process.
But analyst Arjan Curi said he did not think the Democratic Party's request would be approved by election bodies.
"There is no chance of return to victory. It's in vain to keep people hopeful and tired. Better fatalistic but realistic," said the analyst who was pessimistic about the future of DP having Lulzim Basha as its head.
This irritated the DP official but he failed to give arguments of any change in the future performance of the largest opposition political force denouncing the group of DP officials who have demanded the resignation of Basha.

But the analyst said that if DP does not change its platform, it will remain in opposition beyond 2050. /argumentum.al