DP's Basha Eyes Final Victory But Doesn't Say When…

The April 25 elections have been stolen from the opposition by the ruling Socialist Party (SP), the battle of the democratic party continues until the overthrow of the Rama-Doshi regime, a new path and a better, civic, normal, European future for all Albanians. These were some of the main messages conveyd by the Democratic Party (DP) leader, Lulzim Basha in a meeting with citizens in the seaport of Durrës on Tuesday.
"April 25 is an electoral massacre where the will of the voters was alienated by organized crime, vote buying and merging of the state with the party and the party with the state," said Basha who called the government as regime.
According to him, DP gave up power to unite with the citizens to open a new path. "Therefore, we will continue like this because for us the government is not a tool to accumulate criminal groups and money, and then to steal and buy votes but it is a tool to improve the lives of citizens. So I say it once again, the power taken by gangs generates only crime."
DP and its allies boycotted former parliament and did not take part in local election which were actions for which Basha is being held responsible by his adversaries in the party for the loss to the SP for the 5th consecutive time since 2013.
"We will win this battle by doing the exact opposite, doing everything for them to end where they belong and uniting all Albanians until the inevitable end of this battle which is the change that everyone expects and wants," said Basha in Durrës./argumentum.al