DP's Basha Warns Battle on All Fronts as PM Rama Eyes Albania as Balkans Champion

Democratic Party (DP) leader Lulzim Basha has confirmed that his battle for the April 25 parliamentary elections which ended with the victory of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) giving PM Edi Rama a third term obtaining 74 mandates in the new 140-member Parliament, will continue.
DP's Basha spoke to journalists on Tuesday mentioning names for the first time accusing a number of left- wing MPs and politicians, led by Edi Rama, followed by Tom Doshi and Aqif Rakipi.
Basha was quoted by local media as saying that the victims of the 'electoral massacre' of April 25 are not the DP and its candidates, but the Albanian citizens.
Basically, Basha accuses Edi Rama, Tom Doshi together with the 3 deputies of PSD, Aqif Rakipi and his son and son-in-law who became deputies, Vangjush Dako, former Mayor of Durres, together with the 3 deputies of Durrës, Ilir Ndraxhi, Jurgiis Çyrbja and Rrahman Rraja, as well as Aurora Mara.
"Our task is to stand strong and fight hard for the return of democracy to the country," said Basha who announced that the battle will take place on all fronts and ways and opportunities that exist and its end will be clear - the overthrow of the regime Rama-Doshi-Rakipi and the return of Albania to the Albanians," concluded the chairman of the Democratic Party.
But PM Rama has retorted saying that the losers focus on winners but the Socialist Party will focus on victory.
"Let them deal with us, we will deal with the rise of Albania to the top. Our hand for them will be outstretched. Our invitation to them is open!" said Rama, who wants Albania to be the champion of the Balkans in tourism, energy, agriculture, innovation and digital services for citizens.
"The old political war is no longer our business!" Rama said who keeps a constant approach of inviting DP's Basha to cooperate without any limitation and so called red zones.
In the meantime SP majority is pushing its drive to remove President Ilir Meta. Basha has not made any comment on this.