DP's Head 3 Pledges: No Recognition of Election, Struggle to Victory against Rama, No Cooperation with Him

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has given a strong message from the southern city of Fier stating that the April 25 parliamentary elections will not be recognized.
Basha said on Friday that now the DP will only get engaged in battle and there will be no minute of peace until the fall of the Rama-Doshi regime as soon as possible. Ruling Socialist Party (SP) of Premier Edi Rama was declared winner in the April elections getting 74 seats in the 140- member parliament with opposition obtaining 59 seats causing anger in the Democrats ranks.
Basha stated that the DP is a big party and everyone has their own flaws and mistakes, therefore everyone should be open minded to any thought and critical idea.
"Let us be constructive and open minded to any constructive ideas and critical suggestions. You are all members of the national assembly. You have written the most democratic rules that a political party has in Albania and the Balkans. You know very well to choose those who represent and lead you... Soon that decision will be back in your hand and the decision will be yours," he said.
But, according to him, now the most important thing is to look each other in the eye and overcome differences.

"The elections will not be recognized, our political objective is the overthrow of the Rama-Doshi regime as soon as possible. There will be no cooperation, but only battle, no minute of peace until it is ousted and until the return of Albania to Albanians," said Basha. /argumentum.al