Electoral Complaining Body Refuses DP's Requests as Baseless, Opposition Sees It Main Front of 'Struggling'

The representative of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) at the electoral Commission of Complaints (KAS), Ivi Kaso has called illegal the decision of that authority to accept as evidence only some of the materials submitted by this political entity. In a statement to the media after the meeting on Saturday, Kaso said that KAS has a legal obligation to make available to the candidates in the elections evidence that they themselves could not provide.
"DP has proven everything it has claimed and the evidence has been deposited in the KAS, part of which has been made public. We have claimed that the full dimension of everything that has happened will be published and will come to the attention of the public on the table of the Central Election Commission (CEC) only after all the documentation that they refuse to share with the DP, the media and third actors is administered. Our expectation for KAS is that they implement the law," he said.
The electoral complaining authority has accepted the request of the Socialist Movement for Integration  (SMI) to open 24 boxes of election materials in the district of Berat. It is learned that KAS will examine the compatibility of the voter lists and their electronic identification from the data of the election materials of these 24 boxes.
DP has continued to focus its performance on complaining as many authoritative figures of this party consider it vainless pushing for non recognition of election and resignation of DP head Lulzim Basha.

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