Ex-Veteran DP Leader Berisha and Close Ally of US Declared 'Non Grata' by Government of President Biden

The US State Secretary, Antony Blinken has declared persona "non grata" the former PM and former President of Albania, Sali Berisha and his family.
"Former President of Albania Sali Berisha’s corrupt acts undermined democracy in Albania," said Secretary Antony Blinken in a note onTwitter on Wednesday.
In his statement, Mr. Blinken says, among other things that in his official capacity as Prime Minister of Albania in particular, Berisha has been involved in corrupt actions, such as misuse of public funds and interference in public processes, including the use of power to personal benefits and to enrich political allies as well as family members.
"Former President of Albania Sali Berisha’s corrupt acts undermined democracy in Albania. I am publicly designating Berisha and his immediate family members as ineligible for entry into the United States. We remain United Against Corruption with our partners in Albania," said the full note on Twitter released by the top diplomat of the US on May 19, 2021.
Berisha has been one of the closest collaborators of Washington which picked him up as Head of State after the fall of communism in Albania. It was the State Department which invited him to the ceremony of signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Albania and the US without announcing the official Albanian diplomatic interlocutors in the talks on March 15, 1991.
Below is the full statement by Secretary Antony J. Blinken as released by the US Embassy in Tirana:
Today, I am announcing the public designation of Sali Berisha, a former President of Albania, former Prime Minister of Albania, and former Member of Parliament of Albania, due to his involvement in significant corruption.  In his official capacity as Prime Minister of Albania in particular, Berisha was involved in corrupt acts, such as misappropriation of public funds and interfering with public processes, including using his power for his own benefit and to enrich his political allies and his family members at the expense of the Albanian public’s confidence in their government institutions and public officials. Furthermore, his own rhetoric demonstrates he is willing to protect himself, his family members, and his political allies at the expense of independent investigations, anticorruption efforts, and accountability measures. With this designation, I am reaffirming the need for accountability and transparency in Albania’s democratic institutions, government processes, and the actions of Albanian public officials.
This designation is made under Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2021. In addition to Berisha, I am publicly designating his spouse, Liri Berisha, his son, Shkelzen Berisha, and his daughter, Argita Berisha Malltezi. These individuals are ineligible to travel to the United States.
This designation reaffirms the U.S. commitment to supporting political reforms key to Albania’s democratic institutions.  The United States continues to stand with the people of Albania.  The Department will continue to use authorities like this to promote accountability for corrupt actors in this region and globally./ argumentum.al