Excellent Albanian-US Relationship Praised as "Defender Europe 21" Exercise Kicks Off

"Defender Europe 21" exercise is another important point in further raising Albanian relations to the highest point with America, said Prime Minister Edi Rama.
"We consistently appreciate this excellent relationship but the fact is that they can always be even more brilliant thanks to a reciprocal interaction," Rama said at the launch ceremony of the drill on Tuesday.
According to him, what all Albanians need to keep in mind is the obligation to pass on to other generations the legacy of this strategic relationship for freedom and democracy not only in Albania but around the world, investing in doing more for the younger generation. and to give the younger generation the opportunity to be educated with the values, principles and very high standards of NATO forces.
"It is a historic moment. We want to be worthy and most valuable within this alliance. We give a message to the whole region and to anyone who needs an answer for our stand towards the United States and all other countries that have decided to pay any price for freedom and democracy," said Rama.
US Ambassador Yuri Kim said that America will never forget the sacrifices of Albanians in the war side by side with the Americans
in her keynote address at the launch ceremony of the 'Defender Europe 21' exercise.
"We welcome General Tod Wolters, Commander of the U.S. European Command and NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe; General Jeffrey Harrigian, Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe - Air Forces Africa, as well as Allied Air Command; and General Christopher Cavoli, Commander of U.S. Army Europe and Africa. The three four-star generals arrived in Albania today to help kick-off Defender Europe 21, the largest military exercise in the Western Balkans," said the US Ambassador.

In addition she said Albanians have fought alongside the US. "We will never forget your sacrifices. We recognize your bravery and we are honored to have you in the alliance. We congratulate Albania on its willingness to take responsibility. You have never hesitated to help. You have always repeated that to us and you have shown us the tactical and strategic potential in Albania. This exercise is historic. We are always side by side with you - now, tomorrow and forever," Kim said. /argumentum.al