Head of Elbasan Court Seen Entertaining at TikTok under Rhythm of 'I am the mafia, the mafia, the mafia’

While the city of Elbasan has been under the rule of crime for a long time now, Judge Enkeleda Kapedani has found time to entertain herself at TikTok.

The city has turned into a massacre with successive executions and where the rule of law and the presence of the state have been almost non-existent for many years with a situation that has come to be aggravated.

Despite everything, the Head of the Court of Elbasan, Kapedani, seems immune and undisturbed from all the difficult situation that prevails in the city and finds time to have fun in TikTok with various videos exposing the clothes.

Even under the rhythms of the music in one of the many videos published by her is heard in the background: ‘I am the mafia, the mafia, the mafia’.

" Hashtag.al" was informed about her performance in TikTok by some employees in the state police and the prosecutor's office, which for years consider Ms. Kapedani as a problematic judge regarding the release of criminal elements.

Assigned to this court in October 2015, she was appointed President of the Court of Elbasan on September 30, 2020. In December 2019, Kapedani released from prison Viktor Ymeri of Gaxha's gang.

In the meantime, the Office of the High Inspector of Justice got acquainted with the film materials distributed in the media about the magistrate E.K, President of the Elbasan Court.

"The High Inspector of Justice, Artur Metani has ordered the launch of a disciplinary investigation against the magistrate in the case," it is said in the announcement released by the High Inspector. /argumentum.al