Italy's Ex-Ambassador Questions Ruling of US State Secretary Blinken to Declare Albanian Veteran Politician Persona Non-Grata

"There is no international basis, but it is an autonomous decision by the US. On what ground, I do not know!"

This was the answer of the well- known Italian diplomat and former Ambassador to Albania, Paolo Foresti to the question on what international judicial basis was made the decision of the US State Department to declare former president and premier Sali Berisha as persona non- grata on Wednesday.

Berisha has not had any active political function for 8 years and he has not had parliamentary immunity for a year, so he has been free to be prosecuted and tried in Albania.

Ambassador Foresti said in an interview with a local TV on Thursday that many institutional leaders of Albania should have declared themselves, at least, suspected of corruption.

"To be serious and credible, many of today's Albanian institutional leaders would have to declare themselves, at least, suspected of corruption," said sharply the veteran Italian diplomat who is so deeply familiar with Albania and its political scene as well as its backstage.

Asked on how much the US State Secretary, Blinken is knowledgeable on Albania today Foresti's answer was cut and short:

"Real practical politics is especially dangerous when ignorance prevails over knowledge." /