June 9 Set as the Date to Adopt the Report on President Meta’s Dismissal

The plenary session of the Parliament for the review of the request of a group of deputies for the dismissal of the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta will be held on June 9, on Wednesday, at 10:00 am.

This decision was made by the Conference of Chairmen which gathered on Monday under the chairmanship of Speaker Gramoz Ruci.

The parliamentary inquiry commission to probe into what a press release of parliament's press office considered serious constitutional violations by President Ilir Meta unanimously approved the final report on 28 May in a speedy procedure which broke any rules on the functioning of a parliamentary inquiry commission, the more so when the case has to do with the head of state. The majority took this second initiative after it was sure that it had won the April 25 parliamentary elections.

The Chairman of the Inquiry Commission, Alket Hyseni said that the final draft report is divided into executive summary of the report, sequence of facts, legal steps, procedural steps, acts administered in the investigative process and evaluation of the commission and the results of the investigation.

The four demands of the commission to have a hearing session with President Ilir Meta failed as the latter did not appear considering that parliamentary mechanism null and void. In the meantime, Meta’s spokesman Tedi Blushi has said the head of state does not intend to resign despite the decision of Parliament. The presidential mandate of Meta ends in July 2022.

The final decision on the dismissal or not of the President will be made by the Constitutional Court.

This is the second time that the majority undertakes an endeavor to fire the Albanian president. In the first time it decided to withdraw the decision.