Lawsuit against US State Secretary Blinken Legitimate

The French lawyer Jean Yves Le Borgne, 71, hired by Albanian former Prime Minister Sali Berisha to pursue the legal battle in France against US State Department Secretary Antony Blinken considers the filing of the lawsuit legitimate.
Le Borgne explained in an interview with the portal BalkanWeb on Sunday that he was contacted by Sali Berisha himself, who informed him of the DASH decision, to declare him and his family non grata in the US, as well as asked him for advice as a lawyer on the path to follow.
Asked if the immunity of Mr. Antony Blinken is an obstacle to sending the file for trial, lawyer Le Borgne says that in the defamation lawsuit filed in this case by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the defendant does not need to be present. "He can be tried in absentia," said Le Borgne

"In any case, we are dealing with an affair of more symbolic value. If there is a penalty, it is only the type of financial compensation that in the case of defamation in France are relatively moderate sentences," said the French lawyer, while emphasizing that legal action will be based on the principles of justice operating in France. /