Merkel and Kurti on Same Wavelength: Pristina-Belgrade Dialogue Must Lead to Mutual Recognition

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has held a virtual meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during which among others it was agreed that the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade must be equal and result in mutual recognition.
This was announced in a statement released by Kurti on Twitter on Monday.
According to the statement, they addressed a range of issues including vaccines, jobs and justice, as well as the EU-facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.
“A detailed and open discussion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We addressed a range of issues including vaccines, jobs and justice, emphasizing our strong bilateral relations and need for investment that brings jobs. We agreed on the dialogue that it must be equal and result in mutual recognition,” Kurti said.
In a more detailed post on Facebook Kurti said that related to dialogue with Serbia, they agreed that the dialogue should be just, relying on good faith which should result on mutual recognition.
“I added that Kosovo’s independence and its territorial integrity cannot be topic of the discussion – we cannot return before 2008,” Kurti said referring to declaration of the Independence of Kosovo on 18 February 2008.
Kurti said that waiting for the Berlin process Summit, expected to take place in July, he told Chancellor Merkel that the region needs economic and trade cooperation, but not a project as a replacement for the EU integration process.
“Economic cooperation should go parallel with the democratization of the region. Kosovo has fulfilled the criteria for liberalization and Germany can help push this process forward,” Kurti said. Kosovo Prime Minister said that he got confirmation of Chancellor Merkel that Germany will support visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens. /