New Supply of 60,000 Doses of Sinovac Vaccines Brings Back in Motion Frozen Anti- COVID Vaccination in Albania

The process of antikovid vaccination continues normally throughout Albania eyeing to reach 1 million innoculations in June this year, said Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu.

So far, 716,616 people have been vaccinated, among whom 243,776 citizens have received both doses of the vaccine, Manastirliu noted in a post on the social network Facebook on Monday.
The Minister also appealed to all citizens to contact the family doctors to continue the vaccination process.
"As 60,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine are being distributed under safe conditions, vaccination continues unabated in every corner of the country with the aim of reaching 1 million vaccinations by June. 716,616 vaccinations have been carried out so far, of which 243,776 citizens have received both doses of the antikovid vaccine," said the detailed announcement of the health minister.

Manastirliu had an appeal to Albanians as following:
"We invite citizens to contact their family doctors about the day and place of vaccination!"
There was a confusion in Albania particularly regarding the vaccination of citizens who expected to get the second dosage of the Sinovac vaccines which is the most popular in this Balkan country. Confidential sources have told  that if the contract was reached directly with the Chinese manufacturer of the vaccine such a situation would not have been created the more so as elderly people are massively getting this vaccine.