Patozi Resigns because of Failure to Win Parliamentary Seat in April 25 Election in Albania

Astrit Patozi has resigned from the leadership of his party Democratic Conviction (Bindja Demokratike) after he failed to get the mandate of deputy in the April 25 elections.
The news of the resignation was announced by Patozi himself, who wrote on "Facebook" on Sunday that his resignation was a moral act of responsibility, but never a surrender.
"We have declared since the first day of its establishment that the Democratic Obedience is not a person, nor a group of people, much less someone's property or business enterprise," he said.
Patozi has been one of the highest ranking officials of DP but left it because the current head, Lulzim Basha did not want him in party's leadership like he acted with dozens of authoritative figures as former Speaker Jozefina Topalli. The latter was chairwoman of Movement for Change but resigned because of her failure to get enough votes of a seat in Parliament.
Among other things, while thanking all those who have supported him, Patozi emphasized that he would continue to support the idea of ​​Democratic Conviction to change the way Albania is run.

"I will continue to be a tireless supporter of this idea, as a committed politician and citizen, because I am convinced that it is the only way to have a fairer, less corrupt, more livable homeland with a government that serves and does not rule," concluded Patozi. /