PM Rama Doesn't Want Basha to Head Opposition Democratic Party

"Edi Rama does not want us to continue the battle together and he does not want me to be in charge of this battle."
This was the bombastic statement made by the Chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, in a post on FB on Sunday, considering wonderful the support that he received from the Democrats of Dibra after meeting with them.
Among other things, in his speech in Dibra region, northeastern Albania, Basha stressed regarding his candidacy for chairman of the largest opposition political force that the only thing Rama has in hand is to divide the DP.
"Today, the political opponent, who in fact is the enemy of democracy, Albania and the people of Dibra, is trying to hide the electoral massacre by reaching out to us for cooperation without red lines as he says by throwing the bait to change the electoral law after he committed the electoral massacre," said Basha
The Socialist PM, Edi Rama stretched out his hand inviting Basha to cooperate without any limited areas saying there are no red lines for him but the only one was cooperation only with him and not with Socialist Movement for Integration and its head Monika Kryemadhi.
But as Basha said on Sunday he wants to continue to lead his party head of which he is since 2013 when veteran leader Sali Berisha resigned after losing the general elections.
Basha said the path is not that of compromise with evil but of the battle to the end to lead to the abyss those we took the DP to the brink of the abyss on April 25th.
"So, to deny our opponent and the enemy of democracy and the Albanians the pleasure of this race that we do for the sake of the rules, to turn it into an opportunity to tie our hands from behind, to deal with ourselves. But let's turn it into an extraordinary union through mass participation on June 13,"
said Basha who is being challenged by three senior party figures, that is Agron Shehaj, Edith Harxhi and Fatbardh Kadilli. They are supported by many DP militants who have demanded the resignation of Basha after opposition loss in April 25 elections.
Basha's challengers accuse him of using mechanisms of the party to keep the post going so far as not to give them the list of the DP membership. /