PM Rama Pledges Doors Are Open for Cooperation with Democratic Party

“The ruling Socialist Party (SP) will keep its hand out for cooperation with the opposition and we will not leave a chance without reminding them that for us this is the decade to raise Albania together with others, not to fight," declared the Socialist Premier Edi Rama.
In a meeting with SP deputies at the premises of the Palace of Brigades on Monday as reported by ATA, Rama called on Socialists to be ready to leave the trenches of the old political war and to transmit this spirit and new approach to the whole body of the party.
"The third mandate should not in any way resemble the first and the second terms with regard to the relations with the DP. No matter how much they attack, curse and provoke us, or no matter how much they challenge the indisputable legitimacy of our victory because of the chronic non-swallowing of their clear and deep loss, Albania has given us great confidence and full support to lead and we will lead without wasting time and energy with the stale and banal policy of accusations," said Rama.
SP has won a third government mandate in the April 25 elections obtaining 74 seats in the 140-member legislative of Albania, while the opposition DP got 59 seats far from the expectations of its electorate part of which demand the resignation of party head Lulzim Basha who has turned into an object of repeated demands for cooperation by Rama excluding its allies like Socialist Movement for Integration. There are hearsays in Albania that there is a secret deal between Rama and Basha similar to that in 2017 which is considered a cause of DP’s failure.
"We have not received a mandate to fight with the DP, but to complete the great work we have started and to start great work that must be taken to the end," Rama said.
According to him, this mandate will be dedicated to the civilization of the political environment as much as possible. "Our government will pay special attention to young people and children with 3 new national programs of arts, sports and crafts as key priorities," Rama said.

It is obvious like in previous occasions that Rama did not mention at all the issue of the EU integration as the European Commission gathers on Monday to discuss the enlargement process towards the Western Balkans while the Conference on the Future of Europe’ kicked off on May 9 which among other has WB on its agenda. /