PM Rama Says Digital Revolution and English Since First Grade in Albania

"We will make a digital revolution and from September 2022 all Albanian children will be forced to study English from the first grade," has said Prime Minister Edi Rama, who is also chairman of the Socialist Party (SP), telling the Italian daily "La Repubblica" how he intends to change Albania, when he has just regained the keys of the government.  His Socialist Party won 74 of 140 seats in the general elections on April 25 securing a third mandate defeating the opposition Democratic Party (DP) and its tiny ally grouped in the coalition for 'change.' The loss of DP has caused an? uproar among some circles of opposition asking for the resignation of chairman Lulzim Basha.
"Italy is our main partner, but I would like to see more investments in quantity and above all in quality," says Rama.
Will he govern with the support of Tom Doshi's Social Democrats listed on the US blacklist for corruption?
"The third time is more difficult, but it is also more beautiful. We have won an absolute majority, so we do not need support. Maybe we could have a bigger difference, but this time Albania voted with a new electoral system, with semi-open lists and preferences and had many invalid votes. Many people did not understand how to vote, they chose us as a party, but gave priority to other candidates and the vote was called invalid," says Rama.
Answering the question that the opposition accuses Rama of fraud and vote buying the premier said:
"This time we had four or five polls and unlike the past, they were all in line with the result. "Piepoli" shot exactly, but also the Greek pollsters who worked for Euronews Albania had announced the result. The preliminary report of the OSCE is positive and the entire international community through various representations has followed and confirmed the regularity of the elections."

Further on he said that unfortunately, the opposition is not able to get out of its position, which makes it lose election after election. "This is the fifth election in a row and they still do not understand. Instead of reflecting on themselves, they focus on confrontation and accusations against us. And they lose again," Rama said concluding by noting that, however, these elections have given a message showing how well the modern left is well organized making it invincible. /