President's Appeal: Halt Crime Revanch in Albania!

Calling a revanch of criminality in Albania in a statement after the mafia killings of recent days in several cities of Albania, President Ilir Meta has called for immediate measures by all institutions to prevent criminal events, while adding that the criminal perpetrators should be detained as much as possible.
The hit of crime in the main cities of the country requires immediate response and preventive measures from all institutions charged by law to protect public order and security," Meta said in his message released on social networks on Wednesday.
There have been several murders in Albania in recent days. Businessman Bledar Birçaj was executed in Vlora, Everest Çaka in Elbasan and Mehmet Qema was killed in Tirana among a string of crimes committed in this Balkan country over the last weeks.
"The perpetrators of these crimes must be stopped as soon as possible and the criminal acts committed in the heart of our cities, which are seriously shocking the public, must be immediately brought to justice and must receive the strictest legal punishment," said the President, Meta.
There are calls by foreign diplomatic missions in Albania to take measures to check this criminality wave in Albania where many crimes are occurring over the past months.
The government head, Edi Rama has not made any comments on what's going on with the rising crime rate most of which is linked to Mafia affairs.