President’s Ex-Close Collaborator Braho Wants Use of Force for Him to Testify

The request of the Socialist Party (SP) deputy, Spartak Braho to force President Ilir Meta to testify in the parliamentary investigative commission which was made at the last meeting of this mechanism on Monday was rejected by the majority of the commission members.

"The president has the obligation to be brought by force, but it is also a matter of will. He has no will to recognize the Parliament, to recognize the Commission of Inquiry and no longer to respond to the demands of Parliament. This president has no character. I remember the events of the past years when Meta was prime minister. He forcibly took Berisha. Just as Berisha took Meta by force in 1994 in the events of Polican. Why not come today when he is summoned by the Commission of Inquiry? He is charged, among other things, with violent calls and violence provided for in Article 223 of the Criminal Code. Does the Commission of Inquiry lack the will to summon him? Meta should be brought by force tomorrow, so we vote on this proposal. That is my opinion, "said Braho.

The proposal of Braho, who had been one of the closest collaborators of Meta when he was a member of the Socialist Movement for Integration and its deputy, was supported among others by Ms. Klotilda Bushka who said that it was a question of a parliamentary process anticipated by the Constitution of the country.

The parliamentary Commission to dismiss President Meta is the second set up within the last months by SP due to the stance of the head of state against the violations of the Constitution and his harsh criticisms against PM Edi Rama.

But in her speech, the member of the Commission of Inquiry, Vasilika Hysi stated that she strongly disagreed with Braho’s proposal.

‘I am not for taking him here by force. At this moment, we should not show in front of the general public performances that are not at all good, whether for the citizens, for the image of the Parliamentary Republic, for the image of the institution, as the image has been damaged a lot,” she said. Likewise, the member of the Commission, Myslim Murrizi stated that he was against turning to the use of force.

The Chairman of the Investigative Commission, Alket Hyseni said that he agreed with Ms. Hysi, and it was decided to close the investigation. It is not clear how the Commission will continue its deliberations in the next day as nothing was said on the future agenda. /