President's Spokesman Urges: "Open the Ballot Boxes!"

Albania's Presidency has responded in a tit-for- tat reaction to the head of the Socialist Party (SP) Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla, who on Tuesday attacked President Ilir Meta from the rostrum of the Parliamet declaring that the initiative for the dismissal of the head of state is not an attempt to capture the presidential institution, but a move to elect a President over the parties for Albania's European path.
Meta's spokesman Tedi Blushi wrote on "Facebook" on Tuesday that the attention to the Parliament with zero opposition is zero, while he called for the opening of the ballot boxes of April 25 parliamentary election.

"Zero attention to the Parliament with Zero opposition. The change is inside the box. Open the boxes! Count and recount transparently each vote according to the Electoral Code. Any violations and manipulations should be quietly identified until the end of the process! Albanians can never be robbed of the vote and the will expressed through it," the presidential spokesman said. /