Relative of Sexually Abused Mirdita Girl Ask Protection of US Ambassador in Albania

It has pleaded assistance from the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim, as a guarantee that the abusers will receive the deserved punishment for the violent sexual harassment and abuse of a 15-year-old girl ¬†raped in a village of Rr√ęshen, Mirdita region, northern Albania.

The uncle of the raped victim revealed more details of the cruel event. He said that there are not 5 people who have abused the minor, but 8, according to local media quoting him on Monday.

In particular, he seeks the help of US Ambassador, Yuri Kim as a guarantee that the abusers will receive the punishment they deserve.

"There are other people involved. The list of pedophiles is wider. The number from 5, according to the data, goes to 8. Those tabulations that are seized by the prosecutor will not be touched and that the prosecutor will open them herself," he said.

"I call on the prosecutor to look at these tabulations and the people who have been included in this group be taken as defendants. I tell the state that I respect it very much as we have forgiven 5 people who today would be in the grave. I especially ask the American ambassador, Yuri Kim to follow this matter with priority, and of course the courts," said the minor's uncle.

Thousands of people filled Skanderbeg Square in Tirana on Sunday to protest against the social wound of raped girls and women in Albania. /