Report to Dismiss President Endorsed by Investigative Commission But He Pledges Not to Give Up

President Ilir Meta has damaged the image of Albania and did not serve its unity, but encouraged the conflict between the parties in the country, has said Alket Hyseni, who is the chairman of the investigative commission tasked to prepare the report for the dismissal of the head of state.

Hyseni read live some of the conclusions for the press on Friday arguing that the President took a political side in the electoral campaign.

The report also found that the President has jeopardized Albania’s relationship with the United States by attacking its ambassador, Yuri Kim. Meta had a direct engagement in the electoral campaign, supported the opposition and attacked the ruling majority, in violation of the constitutional requirement of neutrality. In addition, he incited violence and intimidated voters, the report said, which will be submitted to Parliament within 7 days.

According to the deputies, who were unanimous in support of the report, the commission has achieved the goal of investigating everything related to the activity of the president before and during the April 25 elections. The drive to fire Meta from office started after SP won the April 25 elections and this is the second time that they undertake such an initiative.

Meta’s dismissal requires the votes of 94 MPs but the ruling Socialist Party has only 74 votes. However, as in other cases, the support of the current “opposition” MPs is guaranteed. A number of these deputies have since then supported the majority’s parliamentary initiatives in several cases.

As the Commission of Inquiry met to approve the final report on the dismissal of President Ilir Meta, the presidency reacted through spokesman Tedi Blushi, through a post on "Facebook".

"No comment and zero concern over any null and void decision or unconstitutional and illegal activity of the one-party parliament, which desperately tries to divert attention from the public debate on the proven electoral crimes of April 25, the perpetrators and inspirers, their tutors and collaborators, engaged in this farce against the only institution that respects and protects the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and its sovereignty. The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta will continue to exercise his duty until July 24, 2022, with the same high responsibility, only in respect and protection of the Constitution and the national interest," said Blushi./