Socialist MP Says Opposition Should Distance Itself from Ex- Democrat PM Berisha

"The distancing of the opposition from the figure of Sali Berisha would be in the best interest of it, but also of the country," said the Socialist Party (SP) lawmaker, Ermonela Felaj.
In a television interview on Wednesday, Felaj said that "the declaration of Berisha and his family 'non grata' by the US State Department was very clear, because he is openly accused of abusing power, public funds and of corruption."
"I would like it to be distanced because the opposition is an asset, so there should be a clear detachment from the figure of Berisha and his behavior, as this applies not only to them but also to the country. The decision of the State Department is a signal for everyone who holds responsible posts," said Felaj.
Asked if the US decision is a signal for President Ilir Meta, Felaj said that "the call is for everyone."
"Anyone who maintains this standard of conduct defined as the standard of an abuser and a corrupt person is unacceptable for democracy in general, for the United States as the champion of democracy and not only, but for any kind of person. who is in the position of exercising governing tasks,” she said.
"I would like the President to understand the violations sooner and resign from office," Felaj said.
In the meantime, the parliamentary commission in charge of the issue of the dismissal of the President released the preliminary report prepared by the 9-member commission.
Socialist MP Vasilika Hysi said that “I appreciate the structure suggested by the rapporteur Bushka for the report. I find it complete and transparent addressing all the investigative issues."
While the chairman of the Commission, Alket Hyseni said that, "the report will take into account the expressed stance of the 9 members, because they form the basis of what we will present in the plenary session." He demanded that the language in the report should be as professional as possible. "We will strictly adhere to our duty from a procedural point of view," he said.
President Meta has not recognized the validity of the commission and did not accept to partake in a hearing session despite the insistence of the majority to have him in front of the commission.

The final report will be presented to parliament for adoption and as majority sources say it will be approved but it is the Constitutional Court which will have the final say on Meta’s dismissal. /