Special Report/ Berisha Recalls to US Top Diplomat Blinken When Albanian Youth Were Shot Dead in Search of American Dream…

Albania's former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has expressed regret for the decision of the US State Department to declare him and his family 'non grata' to the US inviting its head Antony Blinken to publish any material he has that confirms the corruption allegations about him and his family.

"Expressing regret over the decision and considering it without any concrete basis, I invite you to make public every fact and document that your administration, or anyone in the world, can have to support your claim against me and my family," Berisha said in the statement made public on social networks and carried by local media on Wednesday.

"I have resigned from every leading position for 8 years and I have left power, but I have remained determined to protect the public and national interest of Albanians, as I value them. I have denounced more than anyone else in this country publicly inside and outside the country the Albanian organized crime and its gangs, drug cartels, their connections with the highest Albanian officials, but also foreigners, the unbridled government corruption in Albania. I have also supported justice reform and all constitutional changes, but I have criticized and denounced any action taken in flagrant violation of the constitutional amendments to establish full political control over the justice system. I have also denounced in the Albanian and foreign media, knowing very well the position but also his countless connections, the billionaire George Soros, as the main corruptor of today's politicians and in my judgment, as a real enemy of democracy in my country. In addition, I was the first to denounce, publicly and only publicly with the greatest force the project of changing the borders of Kosovo prepared by the George Soros Foundation in Belgrade for which I was threatened with consequences, but of course I was not impressed," said Berisha.

DP's former leader and current elected MP closed his reply to Blinken recalling the time when Albanian youth were shot dead at the border to make their American dream come true. /argumentum.al