Special report/ DP's Basha Set for 'Final Victorious' Destination But without Any Deadline

"The mission of change is the mission of the Democrats, it remains the mission of the Democratic Party (DP)," said the leader of opposition DP, Lulzim Basha in a meeting with militants of Mat region, northern Albania, on Saturday asking for their support in the party leadership election on June 13 this year.

Basha told them Democrats succedded a great achievement for the democracy and for the Albanians, becoming stronger, growing and not wavering in the face of pressure and were confirmed as the only moral force in the country.
DP has suffered a disastrous failure in April 25 elections with SP and its head Edi Rama winning a third mandate with 74 seats in the new parliament.
According to Basha, despite the multiplication of terror and the electoral massacre by majority, not only did the DP not lower its head, but on the contrary today it is even stronger, even more determined to bring this battle to an end.
He did not say when is the end of the fight to victory, but analysts claim that Rama can defeat DP with Basha as head as many times as he wants.
Some say Rama intends to be PM until 2030 to finish 'his project' for renewed Albania.
But according to the logic of Basha for the democrats of Mat, Klos, Dibra and the whole country, the number of times they have fallen has never been important, the power with which they have known how to rise and inspire the citizens has been important to follow them in those battles and those objectives where no other political force has to lead them.
Basha admitted that before starting this election process in the DP, appealed to the party Leading Council: 'Share your mind, is it an election massacre or is it a victory of Edi Rama, that if it is not an election massacre, but it is a victory of Edi Rama, then I resign here, right now."
Basha invited Democrats to continue the battle to the end towards a final station which is the overthrow of the regime which is the victory of democracy and the Democratic Party.
Basha's challengers in the race for the post of chairman, who are Agron Shehaj, Edith Harxhi and Fatlum Kadilli, cannot accept Basha's logic of leading the DP from loss to loss saying that he should resign and give way to new figures who will take DP out the endless failures since 2013. They expressed their platforms on a local TV on Friday in separate interviews.
Rama and his followers feel comfortable with Basha at the helm of DP and have offered him cooperation without any red lines.
The situation in DP has become more chaotic after the US declared veteran leader Sali Berisha and his family non grata under the charges of corruption and cooperation with organized crime.
Nevertheless it's hard to understand the reconciliation between electoral massacre of SP and the acceptance of the results of the defeat by Basha who speaks of the endless fight towards 'a final destination' after 5 defeats since 2013! /argumentum.al