US Ambassador Replies to Berisha Telling Him No One Is Above Law

The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim said that she had nothing to add to what the State Secretary had said when he declared the former premier and president, Sali Berisha and his family persona non-grata to the United States.
Ambassador Kim spoke from Pashaliman base, southern Albania, where she inspected the military training "Defender Europe 21", which has been going on in Albania for several days.
"I have nothing to add other than what the Secretary of State said," said the US Ambassador who was accompanied by Defense Minister Niko Peleshi on Friday.
Last Thursday the veteran Democratic Party leader rejected all the accusations made against him declaring that he would sue Blinken in a court in Paris. According to him, that was a political set up against him because he had opposed the division of Kosovo with Serbia.
"This is the message. Albania is changing. Albania is a member of NATO. Albania will be a member of the EU. Albania is an ally and friend of the United States. The rule of law must prevail, it must prevail. It has to be a clean place. This has to be a rich place. To get there no one can be above the law. "So, the days of impunity have to come to an end and we all have to work for that," said Ambassador Kim.
Regarding the military exercise, Kim said that she and Minister Peleshi had the opportunity to go to different places in Albania to see all the locations where the exercise is taking place.

"Defender 21 is in fact the largest military exercise that has taken place in the Western Balkans and Albania is the destination. That means thousands of troops from the US, but also other NATO allies, some of whom are still represented here today,” Kim said. /