US Ambassador Says: Despite of What Lulzim Basha Says DP Will Be in Parliament in September

There is need to comment after what the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim has told Albania's political class and of course she had in mind the opposition or better to say any 'troublemakers' in that camp on a local TV on Tuesday.
Accept the result of the election of April 25! Is there any meaning for opposition complaints and CEC's work after what madam Kim advised? Below is an excerpt that needs no comment:

"I think the view of the United States
is very clear. In the statement we made from Washington, we noted that it is important that all parties accept the election results, and that the parties now think how to serve the Albanian people as much as possible. So we are looking forward to working with all parties, to see what we can do together as the United States and Albania, and I have to say that the important thing for us is that Albania has been too long without a full opposition in Parliament. Some opposition MPs stayed in Parliament and they did the right thing, and our view is that everyone should have stayed in Parliament but that was the past. Now, as we look forward to September, we expect the Democratic Party, which is an important party, having made very important historical contributions to the development of Albania should return to the Parliament. We are very pleased to see their statements where they make it clear that when September comes, they will return to Parliament. I think that despite of what they may be saying, if you look at the statements of Lulzim Basha and anyone else in the DP, they make it very clear that regardless of any objections they have, they will be in Parliament in September. And that's really important," Kim said. /

Note: The above is a translation from Albanian into English taken from local media