US-Berisha Issue, Meta Reacts: 'Leaflet' Ordered by Kleptocracy Regime in Tirana

By Ilir Meta

Dear Albanian citizens and compatriots everywhere in the world,

As President of the Republic of Albania, I feel the high responsibility to share with you, my assessment regarding the "leaflet" ordered by the kleptocracy regime in Tirana against Mr. Sali Berisha, the first democratic President of the country.

This "leaflet" was not accidentally requested at this moment, when the electoral process has not yet been officially closed and when the institutions, according to the Electoral Code, have to comment on the numerous complaints about manipulations and widely denounced electoral crimes that have seriously violated western standards of a completely free, honest and democratic electoral process.

Calling on everyone to strictly implement the law, as well as all the requirements of the Electoral Code regarding the April 25 process, as this is and remains the most important issue currently, I feel the responsibility to share with each of you, the message of solidarity , which I sent to Mr. Sali Berisha and his family on Thursday morning, after the information I received from various and reliable sources:

"My most sincere greetings and solidarity for you, Lili and your family after this ugly, treacherous and dirty act, which has to do only with anti-Albanian lobbying and nothing else.

Those who invested to proclaim as the hero of the Justice Reform, the Dvoran of the (Socialist) Party could do any foolish thing and can no longer surprise us with their impudence for respect of the rule of law and the independence of the Judiciary. Regards!" /