Winner of Parliamentary Seat in DP’s List PAA’s Duka Wishes Socialists, Advises Opposition to Accept Mistakes

Wishing the ruling Socialist Party (SP) for its success in the April 25 general elections the head of the Albanian Agrarian Party (AAP), an ally in the united coalition led by the Democratic Party (DP), Agron Duka has said the political opponent should not be blamed for taking advantage of the mistakes of the opposition but on the contrary, the latter should be corrected so as not to repeat them in the future.
Duka said in a message on FB on Saturday that allegations of vote theft are not a strategy and that justice should deal with them.
Agron Duka will be one of the next members of the 140-member parliament after winning the mandate as part of the DP’s list in Durres.
He revealed that he had followed DP chairman Lulëzim Basha even when he did not have the same opinion with him. “I did not agree at the time when the parliamentary mandates were relinquished, nor with the boycott of the local elections, but I still respected the decision-making within the coalition.”
Further on Duka said he did not want to dictate his opinion, but expressing the opinion of the Presidency of PAA as its head, he took responsibility for the mistakes made and wished the political opponent success in the next government.  Duka’s thoughts are clearly contrary to the stance of President Ilir Meta and large groups in DP and Socialist Movement for Integration that accuse Rama and SP of vote stealing, electoral violation and demand a recount. Even the OSCE/ODIHR report has referred to the party-state phenomenon as a more severe violation than votes stealing in Albania.
"We congratulate the winners for the next four years and will work together for a strong and constructive opposition leading the country towards the integration process," concluded Duka.

PAA’s Duka has been senior official of the Socialist Party and deputy until he left the left-wing party due to contradictions with the chairman, Edi Rama. /