40 Recommendations to Govt by American Chamber of Commerce in Frame of ‘2021 Agenda of Investments’

Corruption is listed as the gravest problem affecting economic activity in Albania by the American Chamber of Commerce and therefore requires an uncompromising stance against corruption with real sanctions against abusers and transparent accountable monitoring to build public credibility.

“The aim is to increase the placement of transparent tools and platforms in order to increase public transparency and minimize the risk of corruption. The platforms should be designed to increase the engagement of businesses or the involvement of citizens in detecting corrupt activities,” it said in the ACC statement which unveiled the ‘2021 Agenda of Investments ’on Monday.

According to it, advanced or fully transparent services should be applied to public platforms for such agencies as Land Administration, Customs, Administrations of Taxes and Public Procurement. “The recommendations also aim at creating an effective, transparent system without political influence on Public Procurement, as well as guaranteeing effective and comprehensive public consultation."

Further on, the American Chamber of Commerce recommends to the government a strategy for attracting foreign investment, monitored and implemented by the highest levels in government, shortening bureaucratic processes for making investments.

Albania ranks poorly in the World Bank's business report on the time it takes to complete an investment. North Macedonia and Serbia, for example, have established a faster process of allowing investment.

It is not the first time that the American Chamber of Commerce complains about the problems its members face doing business in Albania. Other Tirana-based foreign associations have also raised their voice about the high- level corruption but nothing has changed. That’s why the rate of foreign investments is shrinking while some foreign companies are moving their businesses to neighboring countries, particularly to North Macedonia. / argumentum.al