Acting DP Head Basha: "We Will Not Give Up!"

The acting leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, stated that on June 13 the Democrats will give an answer to the regime of Prime Minister Edi Rama, thus recalling the elections for the new leader of this party.

Basha is challenged by three other candidates for the seat of party head.

"On June 13, the Democrats will give a clear answer to the Rama-Doshi regime: We do not give up!" said Basha.

In the meantime he said that Democrats do not give up democracy.

DP lost the April 25 elections which has caused an uproar among segments of the opposition.

"We do not give up Albania. We will remove the minority that has temporarily stopped the change they want and Albanians deserve it," Basha said at the meeting with Democrats in Tirana on Thursday.

It's not clear how Basha intends to remove PM Edi Rama from power.