Albania Declared Covid Free Country, Tourism Abroad a Dream for Its Citizens

Compared to a year ago, for the period January-May this year the number of people visiting Albania for tourist reasons has increased by 45%.
As Albania is already considered a Covid Free country, all border crossing points are open and anyone can enter them by means of identification, without the need for a test, a significant reason for tourists to enjoy the magic of the Albanian coast and various tourist cities.
In an interview with News24 TV on Monday, the director of Border and Migration, Eduart Merkaj, said that the police have taken all measures to manage this situation.
Dream of Albanians going on vacation abroad still seem utopia, as they can travel to only 3 neighboring countries without a test.
Despite the opening of the Qafë-Bota border crossing point, the number of citizens traveling to Geece continues to be limited. Only those who have a residence permit or a Greek passport or are seasonal workers are allowed. In all cases a test should be made within 72 hours.
Persons who have medical emergencies or close family ties with residents in Italy can travel to that country.
Turkey is also one of the countries you can travel to with the negative test response to the Covid situation of the last 72 hours. /