“Albanian-Chinese friendship an old and lovely story”, Yuri Kim Invites to Her Office the Commentator: “Tell me why you think I'm "Chinese"

The US Ambassador, Yuri Kim to Tirana is active on social networks. Recently something which puzzled her made Ambassador Kim invite  commentator, who praised the Albanian-Chinese friendship considering it ‘an old and lovely story always.’

In her tit-for-tat reaction Ambassador Kim invited her follower on social networks for a discussion which could be an opportunity to tell her about the US and its history as a "Nation of Immigrants".

Below are pieces of the exchange of remarks between Ambassador Kim and the Albanian citizens carried by local media on Tuesday:

“i.fisart: Albanian-Chinese friendship is an old and lovely story always... have a nice time in Pogradec!

US Ambassador: i.fisart I am puzzled by your comment. I would welcome you to my office at the American Embassy for a discussion. I can tell you about my country's proud history as a "Nation of Immigrants" and you can tell me why you think I'm "Chinese". Please let me know if you'd like to come for coffee and conversation. It's a sincere invitation.

i.fisart I'm the luckiest person in Albania! No one receives a public invitation from the USA embassy for a coffee and sincere conversation! I really appreciate your invitation Madame, we are gonna talk about our respective cultures and more. God bless the USA!?"  / www.argumentum.al