Albanian Government to Protect EU Top Diplomat in Tirana

Like his predecessor Romana Vlahutin in 2017, the Head of the EU Delegation to Albania, Ambassador Luigi Soreca will be under a 24-hour security protection by the Albanian government.

The decision has been made public after being published in the Gazeta Zyrtare (Official Gazette) which did not give any reasons for such an unusual protection measure in Albania.

When asked about details on such a security measure by Exit News on Friday the EU Delegation to Tirana said it did not comment on security arrangements, which are decided  by the Albanian government.

The Italian Luigi Soreca has held the position of Ambassador to Albania since 2018 and has one year left of his term.

Turning back in time the former EU head  Vlahutin alleged that she received threats due to her role in the justice reform, which instituted a vetting process for all Albanian judges and prosecutors.

According to EU sources, authors of the alleged threats against her have never been discovered by security authorities in Albania and Brussels did not make it an official case.

All foreign Embassies in Albania are protected by police but personal protection is provided by their countries. /