Albanians Banned to Enter Greece at Kapshtica

Albania's southern customs checkpoint of Kapshtica with Greece will be closed until July 3.

The news was made public by Albanian customs authority, which said on Saturday that the customs checkpoint in the neighboring country, that of Kristalopig, will be closed due to the unfavorable situation of COVID-19 in Greece,

Thus, until July 3, the exit from Albania and entry into Greece through this crossing point, continues to be closed.

While leaving Greece and entering Albania, will be allowed from 06:00 to 22:00, only for pedestrians and heavy tonnage vehicles (freight trucks).

The notice also states that the passage is allowed for 400 people per day. These are only seasonal workers with work permits from the Greek authorities, and no European or Albanian nationals.

Vehicles such as buses, taxis, or any other means of passenger transport will not be allowed to pass. /