Appeal to Authorities: Who Doesn't Manage the Situation Must Quit, and Should Do It!

After two tragic events that took place in Albania where a family of four was lost their lives in a car accident and two others were killed on the beach of Velipoja after a gunfight, the Catholic Church of Shkodra has made a strong reaction.

The parish priest of Shkodra, Dom Vlash Palaj, at the end of this Sunday Mass from the "St. Stephen" Cathedral in Shkodra, appealed to the society, mainly to the responsible local and central authorities, to reflect on what is happening.

Palaj did not call at all normal this situation in Albania with 8 victims in two days while he asked the believers and the whole society not to be individualistic and think only of themselves. He demanded the resignation of those authorities who can not do the job.

"Therefore let someone call their minds that the irresponsibility of those who are the authorities for the administration of these goods with which God has blessed us, the irresponsibility kills," he said.

"May God give someone the courage to see that he is not able to properly administer the common good and resign and leave. I wish someone really to have the courage to say in the face of this catastrophe, the extinction of a family and the ruining of two other families, that I am not for this job and leave the place to someone else," the parish priest of Shkodra, Dom Vlash Palaj told the believers. /