As Albania Declared Tourism Heaven It’s Ongoing Ban of Albanians to Enter Greece

Eyeing a boost to the tourism sector, all pandemic restrictions have been lifted for foreign tourists visiting Albania, it is announced by a press release issued by the government of this Balkan country.

According to the new rules, Covid-19 tests, antibody tests, vaccine passports or any other documents related to the virus will not be required to visit Albania starting from June 1. Also, the requirement for a 14-day quarantine upon entering the country is also lifted.

But, nevertheless, the government draws the attention that social distancing should be respected at the airport or other entry checkpoints to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Summer health centers in 29 spots across the country will also offer rapid tests for the epidemic starting from next week.

New infections and coronavirus-related deaths have dropped drastically in Albania in the last month. Fewer than 300 cases remain active in the whole country, while no deaths have been registered for several days in a row. Roughly one third of the population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

But the medical special Tritan Kalo said in a note posted on FB on Sunday that the critical situation has been overcome but called on the people to be alert and respect the main rules of the pandemic situation. According to him, it cannot be said that the virus has disappeared, although the situation is much safer than it was in the previous months.

Albania was hit hard by the virus during October 2020- March 2021 period with infections mounting to more than 1000 per day and a daily death toll reaching up to over 80 fatalities.

But as Albania is totally free for tourists neighboring countries like Greece continue to include Albania in the ‘black list’ of countries whose citizens are not allowed to enter that country for tourism. According to an announcement released on Sunday it is put off to June 14 the entry into Greece besides special cases announced before./