Basha Tells Shkodra’s DP Militants Opposition Has Got Stronger to Fight for Change

"Unfortunately, April 25 not only did not mark the long-awaited moment of change for Shkodra and Albania, but marked a cardiac arrest for democracy by temporarily destroying the only mechanism that a civilized and pluralistic society has: the will of the majority," said the acting chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha.

Basha was in Shkodra, northern Albania, on another leg of his tour in the frame of the election of the new DP head after the failure of the April 25 elections.

Basha called April 25 a day of national disaster; it is the day of the clinical death of democracy. "The first message is that the Albanian will was alienated on April 25, the election massacre of April 25 is not recognized and will never be recognized by me from the position of chairman of the Democratic Party. I do not violate the will of Albanians.”

According to him, the Democrat's unity and values are the main reasons that despite the massacre in Shkodra and throughout Albania, the Democratic Party did not come out shrinking, smaller or upside down. "But it came out bigger, more determined and with its head up."

"The bigger our union became, the bigger the election massacre. And here, the combination of this electoral massacre has three names, at least three perpetrators, each of them representative of at least one of the instruments used in Puka throughout Albania: Tom Doshi, the well-known figure of crime and corruption, Benet Beci, the ATM with which the vote went up to 300 euros and Mark Froku and his criminal network that distributed this money to buy the misery seen in every Puka family,”said Basha in another event in Puka. He held meetings in Vau i Dejes and Malesia e Madhe.

The election of the new chairman and leadership of DP will take place on June 13. /