Berisha Doesn't Exclude Returning to DP's Helm

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has made the most bombastic statement of these years, as the new political reality created in Albania has forced him to change his position regarding his political engagement, said Journalist Cim Peka in the framework of an interview with the veteran leader of Democratic Party (DP )on Thursday.

Journalist Peka asked former Prime Minister Sali Berisha about his statement that he would resign from his political functions, but Berisha interrupted him by saying 'never say never'.

Berisha: "Never say never! Never say enver. I used it with (last late president) Ramiz Alia and I use it again, because today I changed my route and I am removing all my obstacles.

I do not exclude any of my constitutional rights anymore."

Such a statement comes when DP is in full crisis after loss of April 25 elections and the party is expected to reelect Lulzim Basha again on June 13. There is a rising wave of discontent towards Basha who is held responsible for DP's continuous failure since 2013./