‘Cham Week’ Launched by PDIU’s Head with Pledge to Bring Back Issue to Parliament

The Chairman of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU) Shpetim Idrizi has called on citizens and public opinion not to forget Chameria.

In the framework of launching activities for "Cham Week" that commemorates the massacres of the Albanian population of Chameria, Idrizi said on Monday that the Cham issue will be brought back to the Albanian parliament confirming the presence of PDIU deputies in the Parliament in September.

"It is a day known by the Albanian parliament for the beginning of the massacres by Napoleon Zerva, but we are here to remember that the consequences of that massacre continue on us. The right to life, the free movement of people, the property and legal rights that derive from fundamental human rights have consequences for the members of this community," he said.

Idrizi called on the public not to forget Chameria. "Oblivion is a continuation of injustice. Let us raise our voices against the state silence on the Cham issue. The return of the Cham issue to the parliament through the PDIU deputies will restore the attention."

According to him, everyone has remained silent on the Cham issue. "I want to guarantee everyone that we do not forget Chameria, we do not forget the friends and enemies of Albania. Everyone can get tired, but we will get tired last. The Cham issue will be returned to the Albanian parliament. We will try to break the silence on the Cham issue," said PDIU's head Idrizi. / argumentum.al