Deadly Shootout in Velipoja Beach, 4 Killed as Holidaymakers Are Shocked

Holidaymakers in Velipoja beach, northwestern Albania, have been shocked and dismayed as 4 people were killed in a shootout after a quarrel early on Sunday morning. 2 others are injured

The victims are Kujtim Ferracaku 59 years old, Xhovani Gocaj 25 years old, Edmond Gocaj 38 years old and Myzerim Zeneli, 20 years old. The injured were Hasan Ferracaku, 54, and Elmilind Dyli, 24

The cause of this event, according to the director of Shkodra Police, was the ownership on the beach space in front of the hotels (Gocaj and Fantazia)

owned and run by the two parties involved in the tragic conflict.

"The event took place outside the Gocaj Hotel, where due to the conflict for weak motives. I must say the deadly shootout happened due to the dispute over division of ownership of the sand surfaces used for the placement of tents and sunbeds at the beach," said director of Shkodra Police Niko Brahimaj speaking to journalist at the scene of the crime.

According to him, arrived at the scene where a pistol and some security cameras were seized. "Very soon there will be people arrested," said Brahimaj. /